My Trick to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep on the Road

One thing always makes me anxious about traveling — fear that I won’t sleep well on the road. I sleep best under very specific conditions. A dark, cool room is ideal. A little light is bearable, and I can usually remove enough bedclothes to adjust for a warmer room. (I’ve been known to yank a thick duvet out of its cover so I could use the cover like a top sheet.)

My Trick for Getting a Good Night's Sleep on the Road

The one nighttime deal breaker for me is noise. I’ve even woken myself up because I can hear myself breathing!

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The Case for Solo Travel

I regret that I didn’t consider solo travel until I was in my early 30s.

It all started on a work trip to Chicago. Because I’d received a last-minute invite to the meetings, I was staying a different hotel than my coworkers who had made reservations months in advance. Suddenly, I realized that traveling on your own isn’t that much different from living on your own. If I don’t need a roommate at home, why do I need a travel companion?

The Case for Solo Travel

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2000 Years of London in One Day

London is old. If you mark Londinium as the official beginning of the city, it’s nearly 2000 years old. Take into account the Mesolithic and Bronze Age structures near Vauxhall Bridge, and it’s thousands of years older than that.

2000 Years of London in One Day

With so much history, you’re thinking there’s no way you can see it all. But I have an itinerary that will let you pack in over 2000 years of history in just one day!

Here are nine places that show how London became the city it is today.

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Eight Items That Never Leave Your Suitcase

On the last day of your vacation, you open up your suitcase to start packing and uncover a dirty little secret — you never used some of the items you brought with you!

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, it’s due to poor planning—you waited until the last minute to pack, so you just stuffed every clean piece of clothing into your suitcase. Other times, it’s because you’re overly cautious—just in case it rains, you bring an umbrella, rain boots and a jacket even though the forecast for your beach vacation is sunny and warm.

This post isn’t about packing lighter; it’s about packing smarter. There’s no reason to lug around the extra items. By getting rid of them, you’ll make more room for the essentials or, better yet, reserve space for on-the-road purchases.

Here are some things that always seemed to stay in my bag. Nowadays, I leave them all at home.

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