One Day in Howth, Ireland

One Day in Howth, Ireland

I’ve never considered myself the outdoorsy type. I blame growing up in southwest Louisiana, where being outdoors meant battling heat, humidity and giant mosquitoes. Over the past few years, traveling has helped me embrace the outdoors, and I’ve slowly realized it can be pretty great.

Howth, Ireland, was one of the first places to open my eyes to the joys of a bucolic destination. In the past, I rarely ventured from city centers. The closest I got to nature were urban parks surrounded by skyscrapers. However, the lure of seaside cliffs pulled me from my comfort zone, and I headed out to Howth for the day during a trip to Dublin.

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My Trick for Getting a Good Night's Sleep on the Road

My Trick to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep on the Road

One thing always makes me anxious about traveling — fear that I won’t sleep well on the road. I sleep best under very specific conditions. A dark, cool room is ideal. A little light is bearable, and I can usually remove enough bedclothes to adjust for a warmer room. (I’ve been known to yank a thick duvet out of its cover so I could use the cover like a top sheet.)

The one nighttime deal breaker for me is noise. I’ve even woken myself up because I can hear myself breathing!

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